Monday, January 19, 2009

Where in the world is Julia Williams?

I know it seems as if i've dropped off the face of the earth... and I have, but for good reason! The new year did not bring an end to holiday madness, but instead brought a new home, a new studio, and lots of other exciting things for the coming months!! For the next two to three weeks, I may be responding to emails a little slower... but I swear, it's not because I am ignoring you. So, blog readers, please bear with me as I go through all the hassle of moving into what is hopefully my forever-home, and keep a lookout because i'll have lots of things to post soon!

In other announcements: i'm holding a group boudoir session on February 28th in San Diego. Contact me for details!

And since a blog post wouldn't be complete without photos.... here is one from Jennifer and Jayson's Admiral Baker Club wedding photobooth:

Jennifer's Mom and Dad; King and Queen for the Day!