Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Amanda and Robert: Millennium Biltmore Wedding

As the teaser mentioned, I shot with the lovely Melissa Koehler at the Millenium Biltmore a couple of weeks ago. The ceremony was held at the Los Angeles Cathedral. The travertine marble throughout the church felt as if I had stepped into Europe. The hotel was spectacular, possessing an ornate, gold-leafed everything look that made me feel like I was in Versailles. I could go on and on about the old world feel to the entire event, but I think that I will let the photos do the talking.

On onto the hotel... isn't the cake amazing?? And, let me tell you... it was delicious!

Getting ready for our little run into the street:

Amanda and Robert's first dance was the most show-stopping one I have ever seen. A formal waltz, with lifts, dips, the whole works. Robert's mom was a dance teacher, and he apparently grew up doing ballet. He even incorporated a tour jete into the dance!

The best man and maid of honor did a hilarious toast, incorporating a homemade video mapping out the future (their honeymoon!) and a self-written rap about the happy couple. They had everyone in stiches!
The took some time to sit at the head of the dance floor while the dj spoke about their 'love story.' They met in Italy while studying abroad, surviving a long distance relationship, always coming back to each other. The story of my life :-)
The did the traditional Italian Tarentella - much like the Hora, it involves holding hands and dancing in circles. Fun!

And afterwards... tons of dancing! The worm even made a comeback!

Finally, the bouquet toss... one of the best every. Look at the participation - you can tell these ladies meant business!

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