Sunday, April 20, 2008

Brian and Stephanie - Day After

Last Sunday, a group of people from the awesome San Diego PUG got together to shoot some couples at this gorgeous home in Rancho Santa Fe.

Brian and Stephanie graciously volunteered to be the first of our models. These two got married a few months ago - and had no good pictures of the two of them from their wedding. Simply amazing, considering how good looking each was!

A huge thanks to Jeff for organizing this whole event. You are awesome!

The beautiful bride:

Isn't the look that he is giving her just to die for?? It's the look that every girl wants to be on the receiving end of - the mixture of passion and undying love is just palpable.

Her adorable shoes:

A few more:


jen harris said...

Beautiful images!

Melissa McClure said...

Very nice! Love the shoes!