Friday, April 4, 2008


One of the MANY places that I have traveled this month is to the first four UCLA tournament games. First, let it be known: I never really watched March Madness until 2003, when I somehow won my office pool (and I really mean 'somehow'... I picked teams based on how I liked their mascots!)

Since that time, however, i've really gotten into basketball - especially when UCLA is playing! This year, Brandon and I decided that we really wanted to go to an actual game, so what better time than the first two rounds of the tournament (when we don't have to deal with Westwood traffic).

We had an amazing time in Anaheim. Our seats both days were next to a former UCLA cheerleader (who is currently a doctor) who was just absolutely adorable. She brought her tiny asian mother.. who had the most unexpected scathing commentary for the other teams - she looked like a sweet little lady, but was yelling very pointed comments at the players. Hilarious. (and I am so kicking myself in the butt for forgetting my point and shoot BOTH days!) The second round game went down to the wire and was decided on (an admittedly debatable) blocked shot sealed by a dunk. The whole crowd was on their feet the last two minutes of the game, with the stadium filled by the steady chant of the 8-clap.

The only problem was that the second game - vs. Texas A&M - was so exciting, we had to go to another. And another. Which meant driving back and forth from Phoenix. Twice. What can I say, i'm a loyal Bruin.

And although I don't have the same beginners luck I did when I won my office pool... while in Vegas at WPPI I still decided to put some money on my team. I've never placed any wager on any type of game, but I was compelled to do it. UCLA all the way! Unfortunately, the payout isn't that good (since UCLA was favored to win at the time)... but still, everyone cross their fingers and hope that I will be enjoying a little extra-special treat on my team :-)
(my pile of tickets :-)

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