Tuesday, May 6, 2008

And the Modeling Career Takes OFF!

Ok, i'm seriously kidding about the headline.... except... i'm in the newest issue of Rangefinder!

At the end of WPPI, I went to a shoot at the Las Vegas Neon Boneyard, where old signs go to die. The wonderful Paige Elizabeth organized a group shoot of women photographers in their wedding dresses, giving me a chance to experience life in front of the camera. And... she got the pictures published in Rangefinder!

While the group picture is NOT my favorite picture of me (both from the shoot and just generally in my life), i'm also in an individual picture that I just adore (second down and on the right). So exciting!

Check it Out

You can also see more shots from that day here.

My next goal is to actually have something published in Rangefinder that I get photo credit for... because I like life behind the camera much more than in front of it.


Melissa McClure Photography said...

So cool Julia!! I see Jonilyn too :)

paige elizabeth said...

I loooove that picture of you too! Gawgeous!