Monday, August 25, 2008

Disneyland Wedding!

This is going to be the beginning of a deluge of posts - after 5 weddings in 3 weekends, I finally had a weekend off to catch up with some work!

A few weeks ago, I shot a wedding with the beautiful, talented Natalie Moser. We got along SO well and she was just a total blast to work with, as was the rocking couple.

Not only did Natalie and the bride and groom totally rock, we were shooting at the happiest place on earth - Disneyland!

A few of my favorite images:

Aren't her shoes just the epitome of funky awesomeness?

The grooms gift from his bride:

We started with the first look at the Grand Californian Hotel... I LOVE craftsman style homes, so this was like photographers paradise to me!

And... there are a couple more, but blogger doesn't want me to upload them right now.... so later!

EDIT*** Here are the other pictures I couldn't upload last night:

Replicating the 'we're not worthy' stance... somewhat reluctantly, at least for the bride's brother!

Awesome flare!
Arriving in Cinderella's carriage, of course:


Melissa McClure Photography said...

That last shot is so sweet!

natalie moser said...

Thanks so much for shooting with me, Julia! You were wonderful to work with... and your pictures turned out beautiful! Take care and talk soon!

Anonymous said...

where did you get that cinderella carriage?