Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paul and Kelly: Wedding

Another wedding shot with Emily - who somehow manages to consistently book amazing clients!

When I look back at weddings, especially receptions, they frequently start to blur together. I always have sharp moments that pop out - a witty speech, a face-in-the-cake cutting, a stunning choreographed first dance - but other moments blend together. Because, lets face it, traditional weddings usually consist of the same components.

But Paul and Kelly are different. While they had a couple of those 'traditional moments', they took great pains to make the day reflective of who they are. They were married at Cuvier Park (more commonly called 'the Wedding Bowl') a couple of weeks ago in an emotional ceremony. During the ceremony, the officiant discussed their love of similar music (particularly Tom Petty), their first date, and the things that made them 'them'. It was truly touching.

The reception was held on Shelter Island. Rather than springing for the traditional hotel or venue reception room, they had a tent set up along the water at the Shelter Island Shoreline Park. How's that for an ocean view?! While the sky was overcast most of the day, it briefly emerged as they were announced to the crowd in their grand entrance and first dance to appropriately funky music. A 'cake' of cherry pie formed the fitting end to a unique reception and the beginning life together as man and wife.

Paul and Kelly, your event was truly memorable for me! Best of luck in all that you do!

Some wedding details:

Gorgeous flowers - done by the Flower Girls in PB!

The first kiss!

And this is where their first dance got really fun.... this:

Turned into this!

Gotta love air guitar during a first dance!
I posted this because it reminds me SO MUCH of me and my little sisters - there are four girls in my family that are, much like these ones, spread in ages! I'm personally 13 years older than my youngest sister. Plus, they actually LOOK a little like we did as kids. Eerie.

Cherry pie-cake!

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