Wednesday, December 17, 2008

FAQ: Engagement Sessions

Tis' the season... not just the holiday season, but the season for engagement sessions.

As a photographer specializing in weddings, my year is divided in two: winter engagement sessions and spring/summer/fall wedding season. During the winter, I get at least one email a week asking about what to wear to an engagement session.

My advice: wear what is comfortable - what makes you look good!

This is all subject to several caveats, of course.

First, I like when one or both of the couple wears complementary bold colors. This makes both of you really pop in pictures.

Second, most people bring a 'more formal' and 'less formal' outfit - but that doesn't mean that you have to do so! In one of my favorite recent engagement sessions, Eric and Genelle's, Eric was wearing shorts and a plain white tee... but looked great because he was comfortable in his clothes. You may not be comfortable in front of the camera - lord knows i'm not - but we can work on that if you are comfortable in your own skin.

Third, don't BOTH wear patterns. One can get away with it. Both of you can if you have an amazing sense of style and you coordinate well. But most of us? Bad idea. So think about it.

Fourth, accessorize! Shoes, hats, scarves, funky necklaces and bracelets - all awesome ways to show your personalities and make your pictures stand out.

Finally, going with more don't - you don't have to wear matching outfits. Seriously, you probably don't coordinate to wear matching outfits with your fiancee in daily life, right? It's cute when you are kids, or maybe when you are with the whole family and you don't want to worry about clashing, but not for engagement sessions.

So, there you have it. Bold clean colors, wear something comfortable, don't got overboard with the fun patterns. And white t-shirts and jeans be banned!


Matthew Saville said...

Thank you for this blog post! I definitely need this kind of a resource for my own brides...


Mary Marantz said...

great post!