Thursday, December 4, 2008

Genelle and Eric: Engagement

After exchanging several emails back and forth, Genelle told me she didn't need a consultation: she was sure I was the photographer for her. After our first meeting, I couldn't help but agree. In addition to introducing Brandon and me to the amazing Dominic's in Oceanside harbor, we had so much to talk about at our 'getting to know you' dinner that I instantly felt like I had made a new friend.

So, when we made plans for their engagement session, and she mentioned how nervous Eric was, it only seemed natural to get together and chat, and maybe sneak a little drink onto the beach (in our defense, we did drink our champagne in plastic cups!) before the session. And, after a glass (or three) in his system and some time frolicking on the beach, Eric was a natural!

 Seriously, aren't they a gorgeous couple?

Genelle and Eric (well, mostly Eric I would speculate) wanted a more casual engagement session that a lot of my clients. No outfit changes, multiple locations, fancy things necessary. Just them, together, hanging out at the beach. 
I discovered during the shoot that Eric used to be a lifeguard - so cool!  The lifeguard stand seemed especially fitting after that :-)

Genelle, we had tons of fun and can't wait for your wedding this March!


Genelle said...

We had so much fun too!! Right after the shoot Eric said, that was actually pretty cool :). Can't wait for March!

Chaz said...

Nice :)
Really has an intimate feel!

SHP Photography said...

Such a cool location for a shoot! Amazing pictures :)