Sunday, December 16, 2007

Decision Time

I've been seriously debating whether I want to stay with Nikon or switch over to Canon over the last month. I need to upgrade my body regardless, and it will cost about the same either way. All I have for my Nikon in terms of lenses that I would like to keep are the 18-200 (which, while awesome with versitility, isn't entirely giving me what I need) and a 50 1.8. The 50 1.8 was only $100 - and the corresponding Canon lens is only $70. And generally, good Canon lenses are slightly cheaper than good Nikon lenses. Since I have so little invested in the way of high end lenses, it really won't add up to much (if anything) extra over time.

Pros of Canon: better color, cheaper lenses, better performance at high ISOs.

Pros of Nikon: sharper lenses, I know the system and have always used them.

I rented a 5D and 70-200, which is what I am thinking of upgrading to, just to try it out. I think that I might need to do so again - I freaked out because a bunch of my family portrait session pictures today were out of focus, but later found out its because someone screwed with the diopter and I never thought to check that when I started shooting with the rental (luckily, I brought my other camera too, so I have plenty of pictures that are good). So i'm not sold on Canon... just yet.

Its hard to break away from what you know (Nikon - or being a lawyer) and enter a new world (Canon - or being a photographer). But change seems to be the underlying theme of my blog - change is what I am going for in my life. So I think it might time to change my camera system too. We'll see...

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