Saturday, December 8, 2007

On the Road Again...

Finally back from vacation and have had time to breathe (but not download all of my pics from the Carribean yet).
Today I went to a workshop at the local Calumet photo entitled The Art and Business of Wedding Photography. For all those new to the business, I highly recommend it. The speaker (who was an awesome photog, by the way) went over tons of general business and pricing stuff - stuff that you can figure out on your own (I mean, hello, i'd like to believe my $120k law degree bought me some common sense), but its nice to have it all laid out. There were only 3 people there, so we got some one on one assistance and critique on work, got to share personal stories, discussed photography and ways to branch both into and out of weddings. I learned so much helpful stuff that I intend to implement. And the instructor told me that she thought I had enough good stuff to make a great album from one of my weddings! So... thats my next project. Time to step into the album world and explore. Leather Craftsman... here I come!

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