Monday, December 10, 2007

The Nerve!

Finally, for the first time ever... wedding pictures! I finally have worked up enough courage to show my work to the viewing public.

This is from the third wedding that I second shot (I swear I will catch the others up). Susanna and Ben knew each other since elementary school - and were even on the same page of their elementary yearbook! (which they had framed at the reception entrance) Lifelong friends, they decided to give dating a chance just a year ago. Apparently they knew it was right from the beginning. I can't believe that they planned the wedding in just two months - it was beautiful!


Jasmine said...

Rock on, Julia!! These are great! :)

Jennifer Elaine said...

Great pictures Julia! I can't wait to meet you on Thursday:)
And thanks for recommending the Calumet class, I'm going to look into it.