Monday, October 20, 2008

Miscellaneous Monday

My poor blog is suffering! So a quick miscellaneous post:

(1) I got a mac, including a cinema display! It's beautiful. Practically like viewing the images life sized!

(2) This has seriously put me behind in editing. Had I realized it would be such a pain to switch everything (programs, images, etc) over, I would have done it in my "down-season." So to those waiting... coming, I swear! And then I will catch up with the blogging! (I think i'm 7 or 8 weddings and 3 e-sessions behind... eek!)

(3) I second shot a wedding this Saturday with a delightfully glowy Chenin Boutwell - half of the team behind TRA! It was awesome getting to work with someone who is so successful (and is an attorney to boot)!

(4) During Saturday's wedding, I quickly ran to my car to grab something. As I came back I noticed this large... something with a tail and perky ears - dog? fox? (then I realized that foxes probably aren't prevalent in Palos Verdes) - raccoon! It had to weigh at least 40-50 pounds. It was one of the biggest raccons that I have ever seen.

(5) Instead of wedding cake, Saturday's wedding had cupcakes...mmm... cupcakes. So I grab one for the road (meyer lemon, delish!), notice a trashcan on the way to my car, and toss the wrapper in the trashcan. I hear a noise, stop, puzzled... then the raccoon's little paws grab the top lip of the trashcan, and he pops his (big) head out. I stumbled back a few feet, frozen, heart racing. I stood there for a few minutes, basically afraid to move, then dug out my video light and made my way back to my car. The wedding is now even more memorable!

And, in honor of the dog-sized raccoon, I google image'd 'giant raccoon.' Courtesy of google:

(yeah, i'd never hold a raccoon either, yet alone one that large. 75 pounds!)

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