Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sarah & Reve - Wedding

Back from the blogging dead! (and more importantly, from vacation, which I will tell you all about... sometime before I go on vacation again). I shot Sarah & Reve's wedding a few weeks ago with Melissa McClure at the Hilton in Mission Valley. After an exciting morning chasing down the wayward groom and groomsmen, we finally met up at the church in Chula Vista. While Melissa (and Brandon) shot the ceremony, I traveled over to the hotel with the awesome coordinator, Brenda Swan of Swan Soirees. To all brides who have even the slightest doubt about a coordinator - they are worth their weight in gold! Brenda ran everything on time, made sure that everything was set up correctly, moved things around, and just made the entire event it's most fabulous!

Aren't the pink flowers incredible?! Just my color ;-)

The bouquet and garter tosses were both TONS of fun!

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