Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bad blogger!

I am a bad blogger. In fact, i'm so bad, I just gave myself a slap on the hand (ow!). But, the upside is that i'm not as on top of my blog as usual because: (1) i've had a bunch of client meetings lately; (2) i've been going to a bunch of networking events (tonight: seeing Jasmine Star speak at the San Diego Pictage PUG meeting!); and (3) i've been shooting ALL the time. Every weekend, sometimes both days.

The biggest upside - when all those other blogs run out of things to blog in the winter, I will still have a bunch of new things to show. Sometimes, being a bad blogger is good...

For reals though, a bunch of fabulous pictures from Nikki and Adrian's wedding to come tomorrow! AND I just bought the newest Totally Rad Actions - TRA2: the revenge - so i'm having SOOO much fun playing with these images.

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