Friday, June 20, 2008

Nikki and Adrian - Wedding

Nikki and Adrian have the sort of fairy tale meeting that almost makes you wonder if they made it up. Adrian saw a really cute girl while out surfing. As he was paddling back into shore, he saw her also emerging from the water. He struck up a conversation, asking for her number... but then realized that his wetsuit didn't have a special 'pen and paper' pocket for hot surfer chicks. But, thinking quickly, Adrian came up with a plan - he carved Nikki's phone number into the wax on his surfboard. He called, they started dating, and discovered a mutual love of many things - surfing, the outdoors, each other.

Their relationship is clearly a passionate one, as gathered by the obliquely referenced by BOTH groomsmen as 'the pancake incident.' But, eight years later, they made their way to the Mission Beach Woman's Club to join their lives together underneath a homemade wedding arch overlooking the ocean where they had met and fell in love. The wedding was short and emotional, the reception was filled with sun and laughter, making for a beautiful day.

Emily, thank you so much for bringing me along to shoot with you. Adrian and Nikki - thanks for being so amazingly awesome and "spunky" (to quote Emily).

I met up with the guys at Paradise Point to do some quick portraits of the groom and groomsmen. Within seconds, I was in stitches - they were THAT funny.

See? Spunky.

I had three pictures jumping pictures in succession - each with someone else high in the air. Don't they look like fun?
Nikki and Adrian's first look

One of the groomsmen, Dave, warned me before that he was a crier... so I made sure to watch for it during the ceremony!


The toasts and slideshow were both hilarious...

The telling of 'the pancake incident'!

Adrian and Nikki, I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon, and again Emily, thanks so much for bringing me along!


Melissa McClure Photography said...

Oh I love that shot of them walking back down the aisle!!

Julie said...

Love the pictures. You are an amazing photographer! Thanks for sharing!