Monday, June 2, 2008

Jill and Seth - Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, I shot a wedding with the incredibly talented Aaron. The couple, Jill and Seth, were married at the Immaculata at USD and had their reception at Paradise Point. The day was a scortcher - one of the few days where its over 90 degrees on the coast! But the two handled the heat (and her stifling dress) with grace, and didn't let it slow them down.

The junior groomsman, handing out programs:

Nervous anticipation before the ceremony started:

Immaculata is gorgeous and so grand... love it!
The look Seth gave Jill during the ceremony... simply melted my heart.

My favorite sequence:

Right after the ceremony:

Some details of the flowers:

I don't know exactly what it is about this photograph, but this moment of Jill relaxing before portraits with her new husband totally grabs me... she looks so serene:
Some relaxed portraits around the resort. Seth was such a gentleman, and helped Jill haul around her heavy dress!

Something different - a fun cake shot!
The bridesmaids were all super emotional during the speeches and slideshow:

Getting ready for their first dance:

Had some fun with some slow shutter speed action:

I had to cut so many photographs that I was in love with... but if you meet with me, I will be sure to show all of my favorites!
Finally, Jill and Seth (and Aaron) were awesome... but the best part of the whole day was that I kept running into friends and fellow photographers MA5EN and Melissa all day long! Not only did they shoot a wedding at the same resort, their bride was getting ready two rooms down from ours AND the reception was in the adjoining room to ours! Such a small world...


melissa mcclure said...

Lovely! I love the first dance shots!

david & kimi baxter said...

awesome schtuff julia my friend!!

Aaron said...

Sweet shots. Thanks for coming along!