Friday, June 27, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I LOVE summer... and not because of everyone's usual reasons (you know, sun, warm weather, vacations - although those aren't too bad either). It's purely because summer means the return of So You Think You Can Dance, the ONLY tv show that I really 'can't miss.'

I've had a favorite out of the gates every season. First season - Ashle (unusual, I know), second was Benji (who I literally ran into in the grove), third was by FAR Danny - the most gorgeous dancer ever. And i've watched certain dances by them over and over. And even voted, since the show brings out my inner teenager.

But, this season of SYTYCD has been disappointing thus far - no one to root for... until last night.

Last night was finally the first time that I really found a dance that I connected to and could really watch over and over. The group dance was quirky and intriguing (except the sucking the thumb part... I could have done without that, which was a little creepy). AND i'm totally obsessed with the song (The Dance, by Charlotte Martin). AND i've decided that I totally love Mark. I mean, he had some pretty cool dances before, but was totally channeling Johnny Depp creepiness (in a good way) last night - and I love it! So the point... i've finally got my favorite show on tv back. YAAYAYAYAYAY!

(and now, when I don't return emails or calls on Wednesday and Thursday nights.. you know why!))

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Melissa Koehler said...

Totally with you. Love this show!!