Sunday, July 13, 2008

Erin and Dan - Wedding

On June 8, I shot a beautiful wedding with Emily at the Thursday Club in Point Loma. I was SO excited to shoot there - my husband's parents live on the same street, and we've passed it so many times while there were weddings going on. So, to be part of a wedding at the club was awesome!

Erin and Dan had what I consider to be one of the most memorable events *ever* during a ceremony. In the middle of the prayer, an ice cream truck came down the street, tinkling ice cream truck music. A pause, then the ceremony continued. In the middle of the vows, the ice cream truck came back - and stayed for a while. They tried to continue despite the volume continuously increasing... then Erin got the giggles. Bad. She giggled away throughout the remainder of their vows. Dan joined in on the laughter, making for a more joyous than usual ceremony. The officiant awesomely threw in something about them having ice cream together forever before pronouncing them man and wife. Classic.

I also had a wonderful 'small world' experience during the reception. After someone pointed and me and whispered to a friend several times, this person approached me. 'I know you' he said, 'but I don't know where.' I had also thought he was familiar, and immediately figured it out. As he named off every school he had attended, I said 'UCLA, law. But I think you were a year ahead of me.' Indeed, he was, and he gave his seal of approval for wising up and trying to find a way out of law. THEN I realized that he had been the best man at a co-worker's wedding! And through these two things that I had heard about nearly every 20-30-something at this wedding! I talked about this with my co-worker the next day, and got to hear tons of scandalous stories about several people I met at the wedding... All in all, this is one more thing that I love about wedding photography - the world is a small place, and it's amazing to live out the few degrees of separation.

Erin and Dan, I hope that you had a wonderful honeymoon in Belize - I am so jealous! And, without further adieu, some photos of the day!


Walking down the aisle with her dad:

Reception details - I LOVED that cake and cake table setup! And I highly recommend Manzanita (the reddish branches) as an elegant and inexpensive way to put together dramatic centerpieces and food table decorations!

Their first dance... so sweet!

And this... straight out of the camera, no weird photoshopping. I swear!


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The wedding photography looks excellent.

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melissa McClure said...

So fun, I love the Thursday Club!

I love that dancing shot where you can't see their heads :)

Jasmine said...

Rock it out, girlfriend! Love it! :)