Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kristie and Kyle - Wedding

Around a month ago (my, how time flies!), I shot Kristie and Kyle's wedding with Emily. Instead of a traditional wedding, we shot some formals and photos of them after the ceremony, and then made our way down to Pacific Beach to shoot photos of the couple. Different from a normal wedding, but so much fun!

Emily is amazing at finding brightly colored walls... I think we hit up every one between the beach and Ingraham (ok, i'm not sure we really walked that far... but it sure felt like we did!).

Kristie & Kyle - congratulations on your marriage!

I love the emotion of the next two:

Some details!

Just married!

Something different... I thought it was kinda interesting.


And finally... I was so excited to see my puppy's name in the middle of the board!

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Melissa McClure Photography said...

Fun photos! I especially like the ring shot, the shot of just their bodies and the cool one in front of the temple! Nice job!