Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Wonky Wednesday

Miscellaneous thoughts for the day:

On Wonky: To all you naysayers out there (you know who you are)... I didn't make the word wonky up. Although I may have used it a little differently, it still works

On So You Think You Can Dance: the choreographers have really been stepping it up the last couple of weeks. The Tyce 'garden of eden' piece last week was breathtaking; the pas de deux by Desmond Richardson this week was one of the most amazing pieces I have seen. Will's fouettes a la seconde were almost as technically impressive as Danny's last year (although I still liked Danny better as an overall dancer)
(as an aside, I think it sounds like Cat is saying 'Tasty Oreo' whenever she announces Tyce, which makes me automatically get up and go to the kitchen to look for a cookie)

On the iphone 3g: I got one! I wanted black and 8 gb, but ended up getting white and 16 gb because that's what they had. The iphone is SO user friendly, I love it! Definitely an upgrade from my 3 year old Razr.

On Wednesday: last week I read that Wednesday was considered the most depressing day of the week. I think it's the best - it's like the pinnacle of the week! What do you think?

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