Friday, July 4, 2008

Rachel and Andrew: Wedding

From the sound of it, Rachel and Andrew's relationship was much like mine and Brandon's: filled with indecision. But after several breakups and make-ups, love prevailed, and they decided to take the step forward to marriage.

Their wedding day at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu was full of joy, the result of a long anticipated and beautifully planned event. The jokes, the sublte touches and little kisses spoke volumes. The glowing looks they gave each other throughout the day (that I can only hope i've come close to capturing) conveyed, in no uncertain terms, that each was joining with the person they lived for, laughed with, love. Rachel and Andrew - much like yourselves, after an uncertain beginning and five years together on and off before taking the leap, my marriage has been blissfully happy. No doubt, yours will be the same!

A special thank you to Tracy Kumono for bringing me along. I had so much fun discovering what a small world we live in!

Rachel's soon-to-be sister in law:

Rachel's beautiful Pronovias dress.
And... the bride!
Wasn't she stunning?

I've been experimenting with motion in pictures to show additional emotion... what do you guys think?


They danced their first dance to "Blue Eyes" by the Carey Brothers... one of my favorite songs on the Garden State soundtrack
The Hora! My first ever, and so much fun!
More motion....look, you can tell even the videographer is having a good time!

The gorgeous flowers were done by Michelle Brue at Flora by Fauna.
And... for the first time ever... a slideshow! Featuring Rachel and Andrew's first dance song :-)
eta: yeah, i know the music isn't working, but it will be fixed soon!


Nathaniel Thompson said...

amazing job on this wedding! keep up the great work!

david & kimi baxter said...

awesome job j wizzle!!!!

GroomsDad said...

Having been there, you know just how special a wedding this was. You captured it perfectly, with photography that clearly expresses your artistic abilities. Excellent work.

Anonymous said...

I like the motion in the lipstick shot! it definitely adds something interesting to look at. your photos of this wedding are beautiful! very nice work.

Emily said...

love the shot of the bride in the doorway.