Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 5-6: You Mean I Have to WORK?

So, ultimately I did get to go to Hawaii to work... so I had to work days 5-6. But I still managed to take some time to grab some pics of Makena beach and around the hotel.

Day 5 ended with one of the most awesome experiences ever. After I finished work for the day, I ran up and changed into my bathing suit, sprinted to the beach and plunged into the water as the sunset waned, in my efforts to quell the effects of the mosquito swarm that attacked me in Kea'au. As I was getting out of the water, I saw a whale breach full out of the water somewhere between 300-500 yards away. It was amazing - an image that will be forever captured in my memory (although not on film, since I didn't bring my camera).

Day 6 consisted of more work, a long walk through Wailea, a little more work and some packing, and then a lovely dinner in the warm humid air of Maui. I wasn't sad to leave Maui like I was when I left the Big Island, but the lonely hotel just didn't have the same draw as my family or my husband in San Diego. And at heart... i'm a homebody who likes being at home :-)

Now for some pictures!

The hotel had this elaborate soothing stream running through the common areas, culminating in a large pond in the lobby.
(experimenting with some uber-low shutter speeds)
In the stream/pond, there were the LARGEST Koi I have ever seen. I mean, aren't these things ridiculously massive? You could also buy 'Koi food' and PET the Koi for a small fee. I was slightly afraid that the massive Koi would do something crazy (like eat my hand), so I declined.

by the way, still all straight out of the camera - no post processing at all!

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Gina said...

Hi Julie,
Thanks for checking out our blog and such kind compliments! What gorgeous pics of Hawaii, love the Mauna Kea series!