Monday, February 4, 2008

Days 3-4: Here Again, Gone Again

The last two days with my family flew by so quickly - so fast that I can barely remember anything to blog about!

Day 3: My mom and I went out and did more errands, and finished them up with a stop in the nearest town to their house, Pahoa. If you didn't believe me about the 'middle of nowhere' thing before... i'm sure you won't doubt me anymore after this. Pahoa is a 'quaint' sort of town, wood buildings, one street, all that jazz. Kind of like being thrown into a western :-)

My mom was on the phone after we parked, dealing with my 15 year old sister being a snot (we've all been there), so I wandered into the Mexican restaurant and got a tasty Lillikoi margarita with ling hui mui on the rim (sorry no pic... next time). My sister is a bartender there, and made me a delicious drink.
(by the way, these are all straight out of the camera - and my photoshop frame action went nuts, so they look a little weird)

My mom and I had lunch at the delicious Thai food place, Ming's, after I finished my drink.

And... these are the rest of the stores in Pahoa town. Seriously. I did mention it was only one street, right? (and isn't the local H&R Block sign hilarious? You just can't get away from some things... including taxes)

Day 4: Time to leave already! My previous couple of days flew by. I'm usually ready to go home by the time I leave anywhere - i'm the type of homebody who likes to hang out in my house and read a book or watch tv. But this trip was so short, I felt like I had hardly been there at all. Relaxed, yes, but already missing my family (before I even left).

Before getting on the plane to my second Hawaiian destination, I stopped by and took some pictures of the house my dad is building. Some interesting and uniquely Hawaiian details:

The lava steps leading to the house from the side of the yard:

The view from the second floor (look! Mauna Kea with snow and dense tropical trees!):


Melissa Koehler said...

I wanna go there! :) Beautiful pics!

Anna said...

II love your blog! Great images. I am here because I saw your comment on Melissa's blog.

Have a great week!