Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"Holiday" Grinch

Every day, mr. Grinch brings a little laughter my way. Why? because he is now the HOLIDAY grinch! That's right, Mr. Grinch celebrates all holidays now, not just Christmas.

Some recent examples:

He has a dream that all persons of color - especially those who are green - will be treated equally:

Luckily there was no traditional Mardi Gras flashing involved for his beads:

And finally, he let me know his love for me (although quite frankly, a box of chocolate would have gotten him further):

Just so everyone knows... i'm not the one doing this. I made him his 'get to work' sign, and took him home after christmas - and then brought him back per popular request. A clerk around work changes his signs periodically, which can make for some surprising mornings.

I've heard March is going to be interesting... we'll see what's in store!


Melissa Koehler said...

I love the Grinch Julia!!! He is so awesome!

david & kimi baxter said...

the grinch rules!!!

Kelly Segre said...

What is the grinch doing for St. Paddy's Day?