Monday, January 21, 2008

Lunch in the OC

One of my goals on my 101 things list (below) was to see my friends from law school more frequently.

Abby, Dina and I formed this amazing bond in law school (with some others, but those two meant the most to me). Abby has taken frantic 4am calls from me, we've all cried on each other's shoulders over dates, boys, relationships and the 'could have been', we've had more 'coffee dates' sans coffee than anyone can image, enough brunches to feed a small nation, and more sex and the city marathons than could possibly be healthy. I am so blessed to have two friends like these two.

That being said, since I moved to San Diego, we have all talked about how much we miss doing things together - its hard going from law school, where you are together 20 hours a day, to being a lawyer, where you never have ANY free time - so we met halfway to have lunch. It was the best Sunday i've had in a long time - we caught up and gossiped for hours at brunch, then walked around the mall. We talked about how much fun law school was - we hung out just about every day, had small get-togethers and large bashes galore, bar review every week. It made me realize what I loved about law school and why I stuck with it: the people. Unfortunately, we all had things to get back to - wedding appointments and fiancees, husbands, boyfriends, dogs - so we only had a few hours together. But those hours were the highlight of my month. Heck, my year so far. Thank you so much ladies!

And, of course, the 'self-portrait' to memorialize the occasion (my first with my 5d!):

Eh, I said, why does my head look so big? (beacuse i'm leaning out with my head trying to extend my arm further) Lets try over.

Second time around, I cut out half of my face. Oh well, I have them... and that's enough for me!

On the way home, I drove through camp pendleton, which was ravaged during the October fires. The rain has made bright green grass sprout up, but the jagged scars of devastating fire remain. Not the greatest pictures (I set to auto, pointed my camera in the general direction and snapped a few), but they show the lingering effects of fire.

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