Sunday, January 6, 2008

Red Flags

My horoscope* told me today that I would be spread too thin with too many projects, and that I would need to learn to prioritize. Oh, how right it is.

My biggest problem, I think, is overcommitment. I want to do everything for everyone. I hate giving up control - my workflow, album design, proofing; I want to do it all myself because I like being in control. I think that this has something to do with my aries nature.
But what suffers the most is... emails. I know, sounds weird, but I am SO bad at emailing people back or taking care of things that are emailed to me. I've started dealing with this by actually using the little red flags marker in outlook... and it actually seems to be working! Lets hope I can keep it up. And that other things don't fall out as a result.

And, as far as prioritizing, i've found a new number one priority: finding second shooter positions. I've done weddings on my own and some as a second. But I really want to see other photogs in action. I want to see how they work and think, and how they keep their creative juices flowing. If anyone knows of anyone out there who needs a second... let them know i'll make them my top priority!

*(yes, i'm still 15 at heart and get my horoscope emailed to me everyday)

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Kelly Segre said...

Being a second shooter is a great way to experiment with new and creative techiques. I love second shooting and always have a second shooter at all my weddings. If you ever want to second shoot in the Ventura/Santa Barbara area..let me know!