Monday, January 21, 2008

New Year's Resolution - check

My one and only true 'New Year's Resolution' was to finish my 101 things to do in 1001 list. I started it months ago - Octoberish - and have already accomplished several things! I guess to count the accomplishments, I have to count the time, so I should be done with everything on my list by July 28, 2010. However, I will keep in mind that the journey, not the destination is most important... and hopefully I won't beat myself up too badly if I don't finish everything :-)

And now, the list!

1. Finish this list - DONE!
2. Go to Bora Bora
3. Go to Thailand
4. Go to Europe
5. Shoot a wedding in Hawaii (where my fam lives)
6. Book a 10k wedding
7. Go to Mt. Zion and Monument Valley in Utah
8. Road trip to the Grand Canyon
9. Blog every day for a month
10. Exercise every day for a month
11. Try a macro lens - DONE!
12. Buy a 5d - DONE!
13. Have a baby
14. Buy a house
15. Save 20% of my yearly salary
16. Pay off credit card debt (i'm making good progress to this, will be done soon :-)
17. Pay off my student loans
18. Help my parents finish their house
19. Visit NYC with my hubby
20. Learn how to use a mac
21. Design a website I am happy with
22. Win a blu domain contest
23. Attend the anti-workshop
24. Attend a party of 5 workshop
25. Attend a shootshop with the Kaisers
26. Meet a CEO - DONE! I met Mel Karmazin, the CEO of Sirius and former CEO of CBS, Viacom, and a slew of other places. I can't say under what circumstances I met him.
27. Enter Bandit (my doggy) in an agility match
28. Advance at least one level in agility
29. Learn a foreign language
30. Review my entire portfolio and evaluate my growth
31. Help plan my 10 year high school reunion
32. Lose 10 lbs
33. Attend WPPI - in the works...
34. Organize my file cabinent
35. Take a photoshop class
36. Take a professional baking class
37. Have a dinner party
38. Buy a shootsac
39. See Wicked
40. Go camping
41. Learn to develop color film
42. Second shoot with a photographer I admire
43. Have a photo published
44. Learn how to dodge and burn correctly - DONE!
45. Spend a weekend at a Napa spa
46. Be a bridesmaid (ok, this one isnt up to me)
47. Shoot a close friends wedding
48. Set up my own office and gallery
49. Start doing kids and family portraits
50. Have someone I admire complement my work
51. Make a budget at stick to it for a quarter
52. Book 15 weddings in 2008
53. Run a marathon
54. Finsh a 1/2 IM triathlon
55. Cook every recipe in my Sherry Yard cookbook
56. Read a pulitzer winning book
57. Hike up 1/2 Dome in Yosemite
58. Clean my garage
59. Find my photographic 'voice'
60. Make my wedding album
61. Learn how to drive a stick
62. Join a wine club - DONE! I joined J vineyards, its fabulous.
63. Go apple picking
64. Ride in a horse drawn carriage
65. Make fresh pasta successfully
66. Get a massage and a facial
67. Surprise my husband with a trip
68. Start taking ballet regularly
69. Contact a stranger that I admire
70. Apply for the amazing race
71. Climb a rock wall to the top - DONE!
72. Make homemade bread
73. Visit my family in Hawaii - this weekend, I can't wait!
74. Read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius
75. Have lunch with other photographers at least once a month
76. Write up a real long term business plan
77. Post wedding pictures for cc on OSP
78. Find the courage to quit my job
79. Start an herb garden
80. Finish Ulysess (I don't get how that is supposed to be the greatest book of the 20th century)
81. Drink recommended 64 oz. of water daily for a week
82. Have lunch with [b]ecker
83. Concentrate on vendor contacts
84. Second shoot more
85. Visit my law school friends in LA at least once a month
86. Decrease my living expenses
87. Walk my dogs daily for a week
88. Fix up my blog
89. Make sample albums
90. Give up tv for a month
91. Have a wedding in a bridal magazine
92. Get my real estate license
93. Figure out a way to use my law degree in photography
94. Become 'preferred vendor' at at least one venue
95. Learn how to invest in stocks and the market
96. Start my retirement savings
97. Design my ideal home office
98. Buy land in Hawaii for a future home there
99. Develop a schedule for blogging regularly
100. Start up my 'passion project' (more to come on that...)
101. Make a new friend! (any volunteers?)


david & kimi baxter said...

holy molyee if you go to bora bora WE ARE STOWING AWAY IN YOUR BAGS! that is a must do in our lifetime. someday..someday..

Melissa Koehler said...

What an awesome list!!!! I might have to join the Baxter's and stow away too :)

As for #101....let's do lunch sometime :)